Gypsum Plaster

Fast Build Gypsum Plaster is an interior wall and ceiling gypsum plaster coating product, which has the advantages of being lightweight, ready for all surfaces and has enhanced ease of application with a one-coat formula. Fast Build's Gypsum Plaster can be used for internal wall surfaces made of AAC blocks, bricks or even stones.

Our special additives and aggregates ingredients in the MagicPlast give it a superior surface finish, with a higher coverage and workability when compared with other gypsum-based plasters. The product surface can accommodate all types of interior paints as well as wall-papers providing extremely smooth output.

Light Weight
Fast Build's Gypsum Plaster is absolutely light weight which makes it the most preferable product to plaster internal walls across various surfaces including Fast Build AAC Blocks, stones or bricks. A single coat application is enough for the job enhancing its workability.

Thermal Insulation
Allowing for very high thermal insulation, Fast Build Gypsum Plaster is a preferred product for plastering residential and commercial properties, keeping the indoors cooler.

Superior Finish
It allows for a superior finish which is free from any cracks or pores, ensuring better aesthetic appeal and zero maintenance.

High Strength
Fast Build Gypsum Plaster has a high degree of compressive and tensile strength providing for optimum load bearing capacity for buildings.

Cost Effective
Single Coat Application makes Fast Build not only easy to work with but also economical. This along with its feature of zero curing time helps save on water usage further. With its usage a two times increase in construction speed is achievable.