FastBuild AAC

Advantages AAC

  • High Strength

    Steam Curing at high pressure during the autoclaving process gives AAC Blocks unprecedented strength to weight ration surpassing concrete and exceeds the Indian Building Code requirement

  • Eco Friendly

    Made out of Fly ash, an industrial waste, via a non pollution process of steam curing comprising of non-toxic elements, AAC Blocks are the most eco friendly product for construction. AAC Block can be recycled also.

  • Lightweight

    It is about 5 times lighter than tradition bricks making it easier to transport and also reduces construction time. Apart from that labour time is greatly reduced ensuring cost effectiveness.

  • Earthquake Resistant

    The effect of an earthquake is proportional to the weight of the structure, AAC Blocks being light weight subdue any damage by quakes or high winds to a large extent.

  • Fire Resistant

    Owing to the unique cellular - bee-hive like structure the fire resistance quotient of AAC Blocks is very high. It can withstand temperatures up to 1400 (0) C and has a fire rating of 4 - 5 hours.

  • Acoustic Insulation

    Offering Acoustic Insulation which is unmatched AAC Blocks boast of high sound absorption and are the obvious choice for usage in noisy areas. A number of buildings use them for sound barriers as well.

  • Precision

    FastBuild AAC Blocks are available in exact sizes ensuring smooth walls with perfect contact. This helps in major reduction of cement and steel usage and hence greater cost savings. 

  • Pest Resistant

    With the precision ratio of AAC Blocks being very high, results in smooth finishing preventing pests. The use of inorganic material and high temperature steam curing prevents mold and fungi growth. 

  • Faster Construction

    Fast Build AAC Blocks cut down on construction time by over 25%. Being lighter in weight and bigger in size, building time is reduced considerably.

  • Workability

    It’s cellular structure offers ease of cutting for electrical and plumbing conduits.